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Jul 23, 2011

Suggested Topics For Doing Summer Training/Writing Thesis

1.waiting time and consultation time of old and new patient in a particular opd and find out the contributing factors and it's effect on patient's satisfaction

2.Manpower Utilization(Medicos & Para Medicos) , Space Utilization & Patient's Flow and Positioning of various service points.

3.Equipment utilization of each big equipment in OPD (specially in ENT, Dental, Chest and Urology they have many equipments)

4.Time motion study for patients and staff.

5.Diagnostic Referral trends with comparison to previous months.

6.Inter departmental referral trends.

7.Individual potential analysis (for any clarification email us at

8.Feasibility study to start organ transplant or any other facility not available (like CT Scan, MRI , Photo Therapy etc)

9.Waiting time and consultation time of Old & New Patients in a particular OPD & find out the contributing factors and its effect on patients satisfaction.

10.We can also do study about the patients retention measures taken by the hospital.

11. A study of credit collection unit with a view to access the feasibility of outsourcing the collection function.

12. Criticality Analysis of Pharmacy Inventory.